General Election 2016


Securing a Sustainable Future, Nursing Home Ireland's General Election 2016 campaign, will see the key issues impacting upon care delivery in private and voluntary nursing homes brought direct to the General Election Candidates in 40 constituencies across the country. 


What's happening? 

NHI's 370+ Members across the country are mobilisng. Meetings with General Election candidates are being hosted within their constituencies. Organised by local NHI Members, General Election candidates will outline their health policies and nursing home providers will outline the significant issues they face in meeting our population's long-term residential care requirements. The requirements to support and enable care delivery, principally a funding model that recognises the reality of costs incurred to provide nursing home care, will be articulated.


Monday 15th February is Securing a Sustainable Future D-Day. Meetings in constituencies across Ireland between NHI Members and General Election Candidates will be hosted. The voice of the private and voluntary nursing home sector will be imparted within constituencies across the country to those seeking to sit in Dáil Éireann .   


When did the campaign launch? 

NHI's General Election 2016 campaign 'kicked-off' Wednesday 20th January with the NHI General Election 2016 Healthcare Debate. All political parties / alliances were invited to participate in the debate that was chaired by esteemed broadcaster John Bowman. It brought health spokespersons and NHI representatives together at the O'Callaghan Davenport Hotel to discuss key health issues and challenges facing provision of nursing home care. 

Political representatives to attend were: 

  • Minister of State at the Department of Health Kathleen Lynch TD (Labour)
  • Deputy Regina Doherty TD, Oireachtas Joint Committee on Health & Children, (Fine Gael)
  • Deputy Billy Kelleher TD,Oireachtas Joint Committee on Health & Children, (Fianna Fáil)
  • Deputy Caoimhghín Ó Caoláin TD, Oireachtas Joint Committee on Health & Children, (Sinn Féin)
  • Deputy Catherine Murphy TD, Social Democrats 



Click to watch highlights of debate.  

What are NHI Members informing the General Election candidates? 

Did you know 437 private and voluntary nursing homes across Ireland are providing care to 23,000 persons? That three of every four persons delayed in their discharge from acute hospitals are awaiting nursing home care? That private and voluntary nursing homes are paid fees that are average 58% below those provided to public nursing homes? That €190m is contributed annually to the Exchequer by our sector through direct taxation paid? 

NHI's pre-election booklet outlines key facts that inform re nursing home care and its contribution towards healthcare delivery, employment and State coffers. It highlights the independent evidence that inform of the significant shortcomings of the State's funding model to support persons receiving care from private and voluntary nursing homes. And it outlines four commitments Nursing Homes Ireland is seeking from General Election Candidates.    

Download Securing a Sustainable Future, NHI's General Election 2016 booklet here

Download NHI General Election 2016 'Calling Card' here


Can candidates commit their support to place the private and voluntary nursing home sector on a more sustainable footing? 

Yes they can. They just need to take a minute to complete NHI's Pre-Election Candidate Survey.

Click here to download the survey.   



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