Minister Don't Make A Bad Situation Worse - NHI Campaign



On 2nd April 2009, Nursing Homes Ireland held an unprecendented national meeting of all private and voluntary nursing homes owners in the Ballsbridge Inn, Dublin 4. The meeting was to launch the NHI Campaign 'Don't Make a Bad Situation Worse' to address the continued inequities and inconsistencies in policy and implementation in relation to long term care in Ireland.


The four key demands of the campaign were:

  • Increased investment in long term care and immediate enactment of the long awaited 'fair deal' for older people

  • A licence fee structure that is fair and proportionate, ie not greater than a third of that in Northern Ireland (£46 per bed per year) to reflect the lower investment in long term care in this State

  • That the Minister must insist from the HSE on transparency, accountability, value for money and patient choice in the allocation of funds made available for long term care

  • That the HSE honour and fulfill its contractual obligations with nursing homes and the older people in their care

 Click on the links below to view the campaign docs.

Campaign Doc

Campaign Postcard

CEO Letter

Campaign Presentation

Public Expenditures Table

Campaign Press Release




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