Nursing Homes Week 2015

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"What you see and what you hear depends a great deal on where you are standing," C.S Lewis


In communities across Ireland a host of wide-ranging celebratory activities will celebrate and promote nursing home care during Nursing Homes Week 2015!


Nursing home residents, their relatives and friends, staff and wider communities will acclaim the outstanding, life enhancing health and social care provided by outstanding, dedicated staff within nursing homes in our local communities.


2015 marks the third such national celebration. Visit your local nursing home to enquire as to what celebratory events and activities are being organised.    


Nursing homes will be hosting ‘traditional’ celebrations that include family days, parties, music, arts and crafts, activity sessions, day trips, barbeques, games, talks, exhibitions, cooking, gardening.


Lots of ‘novel’ celebrations will also take place. Last year’s included a Mardi-Gras themed party, Phantom of the Opera themed masked ball, beach-themed party, X Factor competition, casino day, fashion show, mad hatters tea party, art exhibition, transformation of a chapel to a cinema, resident/school sports day.



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