Nursing Home Providers to meet with TDs & Senators



State failure to recognise escalating costs threatening bed closures and jobs


Recommendations within Oireachtas Future Healthcare Report point to increased role for nursing home care


Nursing home providers from across the country will tomorrow, Wednesday 31st May, be meeting with TDs and Senators to inform bed closures and job losses are inevitable due to continued failure of the fees payable under the Fair Deal to recognise sustained cost pressures entailed in providing 24/7 care. Nursing Homes Ireland Members are hosting an Oireachtas Open Day to inform politicians they are facing into a future of bed closures, the loss of jobs, and their viability being under threat. This is because of the continued failure of the fees payable for nursing home care under Fair Deal not recognising the reality of costs being incurred within an intensive 24 /7 high cost environment.


TDs from across party lines are being urged by NHI to support a motion tabled by Independent TDs and being brought before the Dáil tomorrow advancing the essential importance of Fair Deal in supporting persons requiring long-term residential care.


The private and voluntary nursing home sector has incurred a 136% increase in insurance costs over the period 2010 to 2016 and local authority charges for commercial rates have more than doubled for nursing homes under the revaluation process presently underway. A recent survey of NHI Members has informed the average increase being incurred by nursing homes arising from the revaluation of commercial rates is 116% per annum, with the average annual cost increase for a nursing home being €583 per resident.  With staffing costs within nursing homes accounting for two-thirds of turnover, State-led inflation in employment is escalating the costs of operating a 24/7 staff-intensive healthcare setting. The significant slowdown in numbers being financially supported by Fair Deal is reflective of a sustained trend of persons entering nursing home care at a later stage in life and presenting with higher dependency care requirements. “Fees payable under the Fair Deal for provision of nursing home care are simply unsustainable, with NTPF as the monopoly purchaser of care not countenancing rapidly escalating costs and the increasing complexity of residents care needs,” Tadhg Daly, NHI CEO stated. “At the briefing, TDs and Senators will meet directly with providers who are lead healthcare and jobs providers within their constituencies. We welcome engagement as we inform of the imperative necessity to place these providers on a sustainable footing to ensure they are equipped to meet present and future 24/7 residential healthcare needs.”


Speaking today regarding publication by the Oireachtas Future Committee on Healthcare, Mr Daly said: “The cross party consensus to re-orientate towards a healthcare model focussed upon enabling primary and primary and community care to meet people’s healthcare needs is welcome. Within this model, nursing home care has an essential role to fulfil, with it presently meeting the healthcare needs of over 30,000 persons within our communities. A continuum of care that encompasses the array of services that will be necessary to meet our older persons healthcare needs will enable us re-orientate the healthcare model and a sustainable nursing home sector is essential in this regard. We look forward to engagement with the Committee and policy stakeholders in advancing the care needs of our population and the expanding role for the nursing home sector in community care.”


Tadhg Daly, NHI CEO is available for further comment. Contact Michael McGlynn, NHI Communications & Research Executive at 01 4669800 or 087 9082970.







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