Statement re Nursing Home Charges



Thursday 6 July 2017


Nursing Homes Ireland welcomes the support of Age Action Ireland for a level playing field between public and private nursing homes. 


Like Age Action, HIQA has previously highlighted the significant deficits in the provision of Primary Care Services for residents in private and voluntary nursing homes. This represents discrimination of older people on the basis of where they reside.


Tadhg Daly, CEO stated “NHI has long campaigned for transparency and accountability including an independent appeals process in the NTPF pricing mechanism to set Fair Deal Fees. The previous Minister had committed to complete the NTPF Pricing Review by 1 June 2017 and the NTPF have not met that deadline.  We urge the new Minister, Minister Jim Daly to ensure the NTPF publish this Pricing Review without any further delay.”


The Minister needs to address the fact that the public HSE units take a large and disproportionate proportion of the Fair Deal budget for relatively few residents.


Mr Daly added “We would disagree with Age Action on some points that they make.  NHI provide a Template Contract for Care for all residents and in the event that a resident lacks capacity there is also an NHI Template Contract for Care for the residents representative.

Nursing Home Charges are for services provided to residents for services explicitly excluded under the Nursing Home Support Scheme (Fair Deal) and agreed with all residents in the Contract for Care. The NTPF have full access, by legislation, to all nursing homes ‘accounts and records’ under the NHSS Act 2009.”


HIQA inspectors examine Contracts for Care through their inspections and in their report published in 2016 confirm that there are good levels of compliance.


HIQA confirmed that there is clarity and transparency on the charges that residents are required to pay.  All HIQA inspection reports are published and available to those requiring nursing home and their families.


Mr Daly also called on the Minister to expedite the Review of the Nursing Home Support Scheme and to amend the Scheme to include the residents costs of services specifically excluded under the Scheme as an allowable deduction under the Scheme. The costs should be deducted in the disposable income calculation under the Scheme.



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