Quality Living, Quality Care - NHI Guide to Living in a Nursing Home


Quality Living, Quality Care - Living in a Nursing Home is an NHI booklet that provides valuable information and advice for persons considering nursing home care. Quality Living, Quality Care informs in respect of:
• Healthcare,
• The rights of persons living in nursing homes,
• Nursing home facilities, activities, meals,
• The Nursing Home Support Scheme (Fair Deal)
• Choosing a nursing home
• Tax relief on nursing home fees.

Testimonials from staff and residents provide an insight into life within nursing homes.
The glossy booklet seeks to address tackles ‘head-on’ common concerns of persons moving to a nursing home and misperceptions surrounding life within these homes. Copies of the booklet are available from NHI head office by contacting 01 4292570 and you can download a copy of the booklet here. 





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