Purpose and Benefits of Membership

NHI is the representative body of care providers in Ireland and is the single representative body for the private and voluntary nursing home sector. Its strength is derived from unity in numbers, with 360+ private and voluntary nursing homes members of the organisation.

NHI plays a lead role in informing policy and public debate surrounding long-term care and utilises its expertise, specialist knowledge and influence within the Irish healthcare sector to provide each individual member with a strong voice on issues directly related to the care they provide. Members are continually provided with specialist and expert clinical advice, key information pertaining to the delivery of long-term residential care, guidance and support, and a representative voice that informs Government policy and key representatives and stakeholders in the healthcare and social policy sectors.

During these tough and challenging times for healthcare provision, NHI is a united voice advocating on behalf of the private and voluntary nursing home sector. Already represented in over 300 communities across Ireland, NHI wants to build upon this strength and afford new members the opportunity to avail of the excellent levels of service it delivers.


Nursing Home Ireland membership:

  • Provides a single representative voice that informs and influences Government policy surrounding the provision of long-term residential care

  • Affords all members opportunities to influence policy and practice directly impacting upon the private and voluntary nursing home sector

  • Allows members to operate, and to concentrate on, their own businesses in the knowledge that all relevant issues related to the delivery of care are being dealt with in a professional manner

  • Provides a strong, unified voice in making representations to the Government, the Health Service Executive (HSE), Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA), Social Services Inspectorate (SSI) the National Treatment Purchase Fund (NTPF) and in communicating with the general public

  • Represents the nursing home sector at all relevant statutory and non-statutory forums with a view to promoting the aims and objectives of the organisation and its members 

  • Ensures the private and voluntary nursing home sector is recognised at national level and is consulted regarding all matters of relevance and importance to the sector

  • Campaigns on behalf of Members through its concerted public affairs campaign 

  • Invests for the benefits of Members in professional advice and support to assist and guide them in a professional manner 

  • Allows members avail of expert medical advice relating to the care of residents and implementation of Care & Welfare Regulations

  • Provides professionally researched advice on issues related to care planning and standards 

  • Promotes careers and recruitment of nurses within NHI member homes 

  • Delivers a bi-monthly communication that informs of issues of importance to the nursing home sector advising of information surrounding NHI representation, policy, debate surrounding the sector, research, events of interest, education and other matters 

  •   Access to the members-only area of our website www.nhi.ie 
  • Informs Directors of Nursing/Persons in Charge via regular communication of issues of pertinence and significance regarding the provision and delivery of care in nursing homes and of events and education courses of interest 

  • Provides Members with expert advice relating to the provision of care at conferences and education days 

  • Supports education, training and research at local level. A dedicated budget is allocated to each NHI Member region to subsidise accredited training within the region based on the Members' collective training needs 

  • Makes legal advice available to Members on issues affecting their rights, entitlements and pertinent issues

  • Affords Members the opportunity to engage with other private and voluntary nursing homes within their locality 

  • Affords the opportunity to avail of the organisation's Group Purchasing Scheme, which works to deliver savinds for a range of products and services across the private a voluntary nursing home sector and is exclusive to NHI Members 

  • Makes available a bursary that supports NHI Members in highlighting and publicising research and practice development initiatives 

  • Delivers an informal network of local and national support which can assist Members who encounter problems of who need advice

  • Provides Garda Vetting for new staff at a reduced members rate

  • Organises a prestigiuos national celebration that recognises and celebrates the excellent care provided by NHI membesr and is a key date on the health sector calendar - the NHI Care Awards 

  • Celebrates the critical role of the private and voluntary nursing home sector in communities across Ireland through the annual Nursing Homes Week 

  • Automatically entitles you to membership of the Small Firms Association (SFA) which provides advice and consultation relating to: 

    • Rates of Pay
    • Contracts/Conditions of Employment
    • Discipline and Dismissals
    • Rights Commissioner/Employment Appeal Tribunals
    • Employment Legislation
    • Health and Safety
    • Debt Management 
    • Managing Insurance/Managing IT & Environmental Management 
  • Means you become part of a reputable and expert organisation whose informative and expert input into policy, research and debate surrounding the provision of long-term residential care has earned it the respect of statutory and voluntary organisations 


The public regularly use our website to find nursing homes in their area; as a member you will have your own listing on our website in our ‘Finding a Nursing Home’ section

'Strength in Unity' allows NHI advance the cause of the private and voluntary nursing home sector. The sole representative body of private and voluntary nursing homes, NHI is an influential voice within the Irish healthcare setting and wider Irish society. NHI is encouraging private and voluntary nursing homes that are non-membesr to JOIN TODAY and play your part in advancing the cause of our sector. As well as joining an expert body that will advance the cause of the sector, you will be provided with excellent, professional support and expertise that will enable you to enhance the excellent care services you provide. 


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