NHI Subcommittees


The establishment of NHI subcommittees encourages and facilitates greater involvement by members in the affairs of the organisation while introducing committee participants to national issues. 
The remit and terms of reference of the Board subcommittees are enabling (rather than prescriptive) and ensure that issues that may not be directly listed in the terms of reference and that may arise from time to time would be addressed by the relevant and appropriate subcommittee as delegated by the Board of Directors. 
The following principles are applied to all subcommittees: 
  • Subcommittees of the Boad assist in managing the affairs of the organisation 
  • All subcommittees are chaired by a member of the Board of Directors and report to the Board 
  • Subcommittees permit more detailed debate on important issues and help to reduce the burden of work on Board members. They assist and inform decision making of the Boad 
  • Subcommittees encourage active participation from the membership 
  • Subcommittes harness the special skills of individual members, including those that may be reluctant to accept full Board membership 


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