Our Vision for the Future

As a nation, Ireland still has the resources to develop the best possible services to meet the needs of a growing older population.
We, in Nursing Homes Ireland have a significant contribution to make in developing those services, so that residential care for our older people is the best that it can be. We have the expertise, the commitment and the willingness to work alongside the Government and all other key stakeholders in the sector to ensure long-term residential care is meeting the increasingly complex care requirements of persons moving to nursing homes. 
Our expertise and our ideas will be of key importance in informing the development of public policy on the care of older people. We are advancing and promoting this important debate, as key providers of a vital part of the health service look forward to leading this important debate, as key providers of a vital part of the health service, and seeking the appropriate support framework to meet the challenges of growing and funding the best possible services for older people. 
Our vision, that all residents of nursing homes are receiving optimal care, is one we are continuously advancing through meaningful partnership with the Government, the HSE and the National Treatment Purchase Fund as purchasers, HIQA as the regulator, wide-ranging stakeholders, and our members who have the responsibility to deliver high quality care to those who need it.
Having high quality care available to those who need it is an essential part of a well-functioning health service which delivers the care people need, in a way that is affordable, accessible, and, of the highest standard. Those who use our services should have the choice and flexibility in selecting the nursing home that most suits their needs.


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