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Inis Communications offer the following services:

  • Website: Setting up, redevelopment or regular updating of a website, including blog/news and recruitment.
  • Social Media: Facebook is a great way to engage with potential new staff for recruitment, and this is how my current clients get most of their new staff, generally without even using paid Facebook ads. This can be done by e.g. posting links to NHI recruitment feed to their Facebook and Twitter. LinkedIn is useful for recruitment of professional staff. If they have their own website, they can use it to post job opportunities too and then direct social media there. Social media is a good way to raise their profile locally, to post news of activities, awards, daytrips etc and to highlight particular services e.g. dementia units, especially if they don’t have a website. Social media services include setting up and maintaining accounts, posting, managing messages, and analytics.
  • PR: e.g. to raise their profile in the regions/areas they operate in generally; to announce new developments, such as extensions, new services/activities/initiatives, new directions in care, issues facing their homes etc.
  • Copy editing: for promotional literature such as leaflets or brochures as well as websites and other online content.


Other services that may be of interest include:

  • Media Training
  • Crisis Media/PR Management
  • Social Media/PR Training - for those who want to deliver the services themselves in-house


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