Nursing Committee


The National Nursing Committee consists of 1 representative from each of the 10 NHI regions of the country and is underpinned by Schedule 2 - Nursing Committee Constitution - of the 'Memorandum of Association of Independent Nursing Home Ireland Limited' 


The Nursing Vision Is: 

'To always provide the best possible evidence-informed person-centred care that makes a difference to people's lives' 

We value: 

  • Promoting independence 

  • Facilitating well-being

  • Enabling a safe environment 

  • Working in cultures of friendship, connectivity and continuous learning and development 


The purpose of the Nursing Committee is to: 

1. Provide practice development leadership in NHI 

2. Contribute to shaping national policy 

3. Coordinate effective communication among nursing members 

4. Identify the educational needs of NHI members and develop an annual plan 

5. Influence the direction of long-term care in a changing environment 

6. Act as advocates on behalf of the nursing workforce in NHI 


The role of the Practice Development Facilitator (PDF) in the context of the Nursing Committee purpose is to: 

Provide leadership for effective working of the committee and facilitate shared working among committee members in order to achieve the agreed programme of work. 



For further information on the role and function of the Nursing Committee, please contact for details on your elected representative or the Practice Development Facilitator at




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