Welcome to Nursing Homes Ireland

Nursing Homes Ireland is the national representative body for the private and voluntary nursing home sector. There are over 460 such nursing homes in Ireland providing care to over 25,000 people. Our mission is to actively support and represent our members, enabling them to provide sustainable, high quality care to their residents.

Irish Nursing Home Sector:

  • Under the Fair Deal Scheme, HSE nursing homes are paid 60% more (on average) than private and voluntary nursing homes.
  • The funding model for the Fair Deal Scheme hasn’t changed since it was introduced 10 years ago. A pricing review was due in 2017 but remains outstanding.
  • The role of healthcare assistant remains on the Ineligible List of Occupations for Employment Permits.
  • NHI Public Affairs Campaign 2019 – Supporting care needs of nursing homes residents.

Our Values:

  • Empower: We empower members with up-to-date information and guidance.
  • Influence: We influence policy decisions, using up-to-date evidence and advocacy.
  • Lead: We provide leadership for the sector.
  • Promote: We promote a positive image of the sector and the important role it plays.
  • Partner: We partner with all our key stakeholders to support the delivery of care.

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2 days ago
Public nursing home costs are almost double those of private facilities:
5 days ago
Along with our colleagues @InsuranceRefIre , we welcome what we hope will prove major step in addressing issue of damages for minor injuries & insurance costs. Judges to have insurance award guidelines committee as Bill passed by Seanad https://t.co/iXR1Ouk1eI via @IrishTimes
5 days ago
Today we are attending the lauunch of the Mental Health Commission annual report & we're delighted to have partnered with these organisations for the development of a Decision Support Service https://t.co/sxswRnp5Vy NursingHomesIre photo