Briefing and Update on HSE Regional Health Authorities (RHA)

Thursday July 4, 2024

We have prepared a brief on the implementation of Regional Health Authorities (RHA’s). The roll out of the RHA’s commenced on 1st March 2024 and will provide services that are:

  • Integrated, locally planned and delivered
  • Easier to access and navigate for patients and their families
  • Available closer to patients’ home when they need them – right care, right place, right time

Read our brief here. 

The Health Regions are an important part of putting Sláintecare in action.

The move to a regionalised approach, represents a major shift in the approach to the planning, funding and delivery of health and social care services. In line with international best practice, the new arrangements will support a population-based approach to the planning and resourcing of the geographic delivery of services to improve health outcomes people in Ireland.

Each of the RHA are headed by a Regional Executive Officer (below) are also in the process of appointing 15 Integrated Healthcare Area Manager.

The primary purpose of the IHA Manager post is operational accountability for the planning and delivery of safe, high quality integrated and accessible health and social care
services to the population of the IHA, enabled and supported by all other functions from within the HSE Centre and the Health Region EMT.

It is a dynamic new role that places significant emphasis on delivering localised solutions aligned with the specific needs of the community in line with national direction. It
presents a unique opportunity to deliver reform and shape the development of the regional health and social care system to meet future service needs in a way that is sustainable, and population focused.

June 2024