Care-First at Heart of Nursing Homes Ireland Strategic Plan for 2024-2026

Tuesday April 9, 2024

Nursing Homes Ireland (NHI) will announce today in Galway the launch of its Strategic Plan for 2024-2026.

A key briefing will be held for nursing homes from across Connacht on the strategy.

Over the last several months, NHI has been in close consultation with its members, board, staff and key stakeholders in developing a new strategic plan.

The focus of NHI’s new strategy is HOMES, which focuses on the resident and supporting the overall healthcare structure as an integrated and sustainable system. At its core, NHI aims to effectively represent members and provide a strong united voice for the nursing home sector which provides care to everyone who needs it.

Care-First is at the heart of the strategy, amplifying the voice of residents in homes and championing care philosophies and responding to evolving needs.  The title of HOMES for the strategy reflects the ambition of NHI to highlight(H), organise(O), motivate(M), engage(E) and shape(S) the environment for residents of nursing homes and members of the national representative organisation.

“Our 2024-2026 strategy embodies the ethos of placing the resident at the centre of our work,” says Tadhg Daly, Nursing Homes Ireland CEO.

“We have spent much time listening to residents, members and other stakeholders to develop a strategy which is brought to life by the word ‘homes’: highlighting the voices of residents and members; organising campaigns to have their voices heard; motivating the Government and society at large; engaging our residents and members; and shaping the provision of care for our ageing population.”

“This strategy aims to place the voice of residents and members at the heart of everything we do. However, that is increasingly difficult,” Mr Daly said.

“Even though it is well recognised that the provision of nursing home care is a vital part of our healthcare system, we find ourselves at an important juncture concerning the future of nursing home care in Ireland.”

“Government is not addressing the crisis in nursing home care and Taoiseach Harris needs to get a grip on the future for the sector.  The reality of the enormous increase in costs – 36% over a five-year period according to a PwC study – is not reflected in fees for resident care in private and voluntary nursing homes by the State to the sector which provides 80 per cent of its care.”

“These incessant cost pressures have ultimately now resulted in the closure of 2,356 vital community care beds in 71 homes nationally, including over 200 beds in Connacht.  This is detrimental to the care of our older population and broader health and social care services.”

Further key briefings will take place in Cork and Dublin.