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NHI statement re overcrowding in University Hospital Limerick

Thursday April 4, 2019

Nursing Homes Ireland today reiterated the critical requirement for hospital management in Co Limerick to be proactive in their engagement with nursing homes with view to alleviating the overcrowding problems in UHL. 24 private and voluntary nursing homes in Co Limerick have 1,126 registered beds.


Tadhg Daly, NHI CEO said:

Our engagement with nursing homes in Co Limerick in recent days informs they have the capacity and the means to provide the specialist care that can facilitate immediate discharge of patients from UL back into the community.  They have teams of nurses, carers and support staff who are ready to provide specialist respite, rehabilitative, transitional or long-term care for patients ready for discharge. Nursing homes are prepared for day-to-day engagement to ensure care options in the community are fully realised.


We must ensure a timely transition process is in place to ensure people who need to take the next step in the care rehabilitative process in the community can move from the hospital setting to a homely environment in a short timeframe. Having people fit for discharge remain within hospital has negative impact upon a person’s physical and mental health. It is critical the HSE engages with local nursing homes to ensure the essential role of nursing homes is fulfilled in alleviating overcrowding.


I would also urge older people in University Hospital Limerick and their families to consider their preferred nursing home if a period of rehabilitation or an extended stay removed from the hospital is a likely requirement. Their consideration should entail preliminary engagement with the nursing home and with hospital staff to discuss support available to facilitate a timely discharge. HSE provide transitional care funding to support patients and their families to meet the cost of transitional care in a nursing home care. The budget has increased year-on-year and families should be aware it is a support to enable timely discharge from hospital back into the community.


Tadhg Daly, NHI CEO, is available for interview. Contact Michael McGlynn, NHI Communications & Research Executive at 01 4699806 or 087 9082970.