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Nursing Homes Ireland statement re Hospital Overcrowding

Wednesday July 31, 2019

31st July 2019: Tadhg Daly, Nursing Homes Ireland CEO states: “Today we read the HSE completely failed to heed its own projections with regard to numbers that would require Fair Deal funding support in year 2019. We are now seeing manifestation in our acute hospitals of State failure to appropriately resource care in the community. Over 800 people are now awaiting Fair Deal funding approval, with the numbers rising due to the budgetary constraints that started emerging just a few months into the year. We warned at the start of the year the very marginal increase in numbers to be supported by Fair Deal over the course of 2019 would manifest in severe pressures being placed upon our acute hospitals. Over half of those awaiting discharge from our acute hospitals are awaiting transition to nursing home care. It is vital for our health services that the Government addresses with urgency the constraints being imposed upon Fair Deal funding approvals and appropriately resources the scheme to meet demand to year-end.”

For further information contact Michael McGlynn, NHI Communications & Research Executive at 01 4699806 or 087 9082970.