Words with hugs

Wednesday October 28, 2020


This beautiful story is set in Central Park Nursing Home, Ballinsloe, Co Galway. During Covid lockdown earlier this year, Lavally National School worked with the care team at Central Park Nursing Home to set up an intergenerational project involving the sharing of experiences between nursing home residents and local school children.


The project involved 10 students (aged 10-11) and residents of Central Park writing letters and sending cards to each other. The letters involved both children and residents sharing their perspectives on the ‘new normal’. For residents, letter writing allowed them to get to know the students. They were able share their memories and advice about everything from chickens and sports to nature and cooking!


Despite the challenges of visitor restrictions and school closures, this heart-warming project transcends time and distance to bring residents and children together to share their perspectives and experiences. It allowed a very personal level of engagement and interaction that brought comfort, support and joy to both children and residents.

When everyone was asked to stay apart, this project brought people and children together at an unprecedented time in history. It gave comfort and strength to residents during a time when they were missing their own grandchildren. It also allowed children and their families in the community to come together to support their local nursing home residents.

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