NHI statement re Fair Deal & Housing


Nursing Homes Ireland today, 14th August, expressed concern measures being considered by the State to alleviate the housing crisis will cause worry and distress for nursing home residents.


Tadhg Daly, NHI CEO stated: “The rights, wishes and sensitivities of older people must be to the fore with regard to changes to the Fair Deal that are being considered. Older people should not feel compelled or pressured into renting or divesting their home. Many residents in nursing homes still hold great love and affection for their family home and continue to visit it with family or friends.  The move to a nursing home brings a transition in a person’s life that is often very difficult emotionally. We must ensure the wishes of older persons are respected and they are not unnecessarily pressurised into divesting a possession that holds great emotional and spiritual value for them. People presenting for nursing home care are amongst the frailest in society and any imposition of stress or worry upon them can have a very seriously detrimental impact upon their wellbeing.”


Mr Daly called upon Minister for Housing Eoghan Murphy and Minister for Older People Jim Daly to engage with NHI re any changes to Fair Deal. He stated: “Rushing through changes to Fair Deal in haste, without giving due consideration to nursing home residents, must be resisted. The measures being proposed could fundamentally change how residents are supported by the scheme and discussion and consultation  is imperative. Having undertaken a review of the scheme two years ago, Government must seek to introduce changes to the scheme in their totality and not in a piecemeal manner.”


He also called upon media coverage to be sensitive to nursing home residents, stating comment regards homes being taken from residents against their will or them being pressured into becoming landlords may cause unwarranted worry and upset.


For further information contact Michael McGlynn, NHI Communications & Research Executive, at 087 9082970 or 01 4699806. 


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